Is easy to use on-the-spot, wherever you are Disinfects as it cleans Is a visual reminder so you don’t forget to clean your screen after each use Is reusable and doesn’t lose its staying power Why is all of this important? The phone sticky cleaner is a germ fighting assistant when you have, or are continually in contact with small children or germs in general. You don’t have to use a kit or dig through your purse to find it. You can wipe out germs immediately and stick it to your phone to reuse as needed.

While the microfiber works great at eliminating germs and grime, the cleaner needs to be gently cleaned under warm running water every few weeks so it doesn’t become a source of germs itself. Also, not everybody is familiar with the product and in some cases they don’t know how to use it, thought it seems simple enough. Finally, after about six months or so they’ll need to be replaced.

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